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Parliamentary Procedure

     Parliamentary procedure is the set of rules and regulations that governs a Model United Nations conference. Every conference follows the same or similar rules, but there are some differences in the wording of different points, motions and yields. As a Cancun MUN delegate, you must be prepared to follow the procedure of your committee, and we expect all delegates to know the rules and the order of events. That being said, we recognize that some rules may differ from other conferences so we have included a list of the points, motions, and yields that we use at our conference so that every delegate may be prepared. Roll call and voting procedure will be presented by the chairs of each committee.

     Note: We would like to remind all delegates that since CancunMUN is going green this year, we will not provide a printed list of the points, motions, and yields for the conference; however, we encourage delegates to print their own copies. We recommend delegates to practice using the parliamentary procedure, and to attend our workshops. The date for the workshop is to be announced in our website. For any future questions, feel free to contact us at

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