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How to pay


For International Schools and Institutions, payment can be completed through international transfers**.

Cost for international attendance is $40 USD (per delegate).




   -  Local schools:

Local schools attending as a School or Institution in Cancun and Playa del Carmen have two options for payment:

1. Pay at your school’s office

2. Pay by an interbank transfer**

Please contact your MUN advisor since he/she will tell you how to process your payment.

   -  Local Individual delegates:

For those who live in Cancun, payment can be completed at the International American School of Cancun’s cashier. Payment is open on weekdays (except on holidays), from 7am to 2:30pm.

   -  National schools/delegates:

For those who live in other cities in Mexico, payment can be completed through interbank transfers**.

Cost for national attendance is $600 MXN (per delegate).

**payment is non-refundable

**For international and interbank transfers, please send an email with your receipt to

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