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Group from Italy 2019


Our team loves having students from all around the world join our conference!
     After completing the application and paying the fee for your school’s attending students, your students can start looking at committees and registering. This is done so that your delegates can have a chance to pick the committee of their preference. The emails with countries and committees will be sent after the payment is received. We send this information out every Tuesday, with any updates we have on payments. If the closest Tuesday has passed after you paid and we have not sent the information out, please contact us through an email. 
    If as an International School you wish to have your delegates stay in homes provided by the students of the International American School of Cancun (IAS), please contact us. For us to be able to ensure homes for all your delegates, please do so as soon as possible, as we cannot guarantee housing will be available if you contact us in dates closer to the conference.
     It is important to note that payments will be received as a group, but registration to committees will need to be done individually to ensure a better experience. You can access our banking information in the payments section of our webpage or by clicking here.
For more information on group registration, group payments, housing, etc, check the correspondent sections in our website. If you are still in doubt contact the following people:
Advisor in charge of the Secretariat class:
Secretary Generals:  and 
Undersecretary Generals of External Affairs:  and 
Chiefs of Hospitality: and
Chief of registration: 
Make sure to state your inquiry as well as who is writing the email and from where. Please give us time (around 2 business days) to get back to you, we will answer back as fast as possible.

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